Who We Are

Charitable Giving

As a trusted organization, we provide assistance to the children who want to start a business. 

We provide mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs, affiliation with major companies, and most importantly, funding to get their idea off the ground.

Team Meeting

The Facts

Things you should know

34% of children have a business idea they want to start.

28% of adults had a business idea as a child they never started.

68% of impoverished and minority children experience prejudice when talking about their business idea.

97% of children do not know how to start a business.

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Our Philosophical Goals

What We Believe In

We work with schools to find children who have a business idea they want to start. We work hard with volunteers to educate them on starting, running, and growing a business.

Most importantly, we teach them how to stay in school, and run a business on their free time!

Benefits of


Advocating Change

1. Give impoverished kids an equal opportunity they would not have.
2. Prevent kids from using drugs and joining gangs.
3. Prevent kids from being apart of online bullying.
4. Let kids be kids, and turn their ideas into reality!

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The Outcome

Kids are the future!

Children have ingenious ideas for businesses, and 97% of them do not know how to start a business. Kids could start the next Google or Apple, they need the guidance to do so.